Open Innovation is a cutting-edge business practice whereby companies and organisations acknowledge that they cannot employ all the smart people and experts to solve all their challenges or needs in-house. It is the process of going outside an organisation’s four walls to find or inspire new innovations, talents, and technologies.

Earth observation is the gathering of information about planet Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems via remote sensing technologies supplemented by earth surveying techniques, encompassing the collection, analysis, and presentation of data. Earth observation is used to monitor and assess the status of, and changes in, the natural environment and the built environment.

A Challenge is a specific business problem defined by a solution seeker that articulates the problem, key specifications, and the desired results of a potential solution. It is written into a concise and compelling 2-3 page document inviting potential solvers to respond with a proposal of their solution to the challenge.

The challenge is seeking businesses and organisations in any and all industries, across the African continent, that are at seed stage, early development or investor-ready, and apply earth observation data in their solutions.

The information contained in your first submission is not confidential and not protected. You are therefore advised not to submit any information deemed to be confidential e.g. when first submitting/replying you might explain what your solution does and not how it does it. Simply put, you need to give enough details in your first submission for the challenge sponsor to approach you for more details. Before releasing any confidential information, both parties will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to protect your intellectual property (IP) and going forward, all negotiations will be legally controlled and protected.

Other users cannot see your response to a Challenge, Technology Offer or Needs. Only members of the evaluation team for a particular Challenge, publisher of the Technology Offer or Needs list,  can see your response.

  1. Complete the form on our Enter the Challenge website page and you will receive an email with a link to download the submission form for the 2022 Earth Observation Challenge.
  2. Complete the submission form which you downloaded from the email you received. If you did not receive an email after completing the form, kindly send us a mail at info@eochallenge.africa
  3. Send the completed submission form to us at info@eochallenge.africa to enter the 2022 Earth Observation Challenge.

Please send an email to info@eochallenge.africa and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.